There is no doubt the FBI secret informant in the Clinton Uranium One bribery case is fearful for his life after the Jeff Sessions Department of Justice leaked his name. His name is William D. Campbell.

The Sean Hannity Show reported that the Sessions-led DOJ released the name of the man who has information on the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One to Reuters.

Campbell has worked for a Russian firm as a consultant. Per investigative reporter John Solomon, the evidence includes Russian agents who have suitcases of cash in order to bribe the Clintons for Uranium.

On Thursday Solomon told Hannity that the consultant has video of the briefcases of money that was used to bribe United States officials during the Russia uranium scandal that involved Hillary Clinton.

Secret Informant Fearful For His Life After Jeff Sessions' DOJ Leaks

A Reuters report aired today that was downplaying the informant. Solomon says this report is completely inaccurate.

It has been learned that the informant is fearful for his life since he was put on blast by Sessions.

If Campbell makes it to Monday he will reportedly testify.

Hopefully Campbell pre-recorded his testimony. He has information on a massive case of treason with the Clintons, so he is definitely in danger. Hopefully he is equipped with an incredible security detail.

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