Seattle Man Dumps Hot Coffee on Alex Jones – VIDEO

While trolling the liberal streets of Seattle, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones ran into trouble. There’s video where a Seattle man dumps hot coffee on him.

While walking through Seattle, Jones took to Periscope to complain It should come as no surprise that people recognized Jones and took some verbal shots at him. If you know anything about Alex Jones, you know he didn’t handle this well.

One specific moment of the tour of Seattle has went viral. One man yelled “You’re trash!” at Jones. Infowars Star Alex Jones fired back, “Come tell me on camera! Come here, coward!”

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Jones and the man moved in on each other with Jones demanding, “Tell people intellectually who you are!”

Then the man fired back with, “I’m your momma!”

At this point Jones dubbed the man a “literal slave of the system.” Right at this point the man hit Jones in the face with some hot coffee.

Despite getting hit in the face with hot water, Jones didn’t slow down a bit. He said, “See that? That’s who they are. Look at the slave.”

Then the man held up his thermos and acted as if he was going to hit Jones with it. Jones motioned for him to bring it on, but instead the man gestured and said he needed to go to work to get more coffee.

“This is the brainwashing,” Jones said. “You see? And I’m proud of this. This is who they are. That’s why they’re allied with jihadis, because they hate the West so much.”

The Seattle Police were involved with another viral moment with Jones. When questioned about the Alex Jones coffee incident, they fired back with this epic joke.

Check out the video below.

Seattle Man Dumps Hot Coffee on Alex Jones

Say what you want about Alex Jones, but the guy will do whatever it takes to play to his base. Do you think the man was drinking Starbucks coffee before he threw it at Jones?


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