On Tuesday the Washington Post released a bombshell on the discredited Trump dossier. Now Sean Hannity is getting in the mix.

As reported earlier, it is stated in the article that the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC paid for the GPS dossier alleging ties with the Donald Trump campaign and went further with personal smears of President Trump.

It is also reported by the Post that Clinton campaign and DNC lawyer Marc Elias and his firm paid Fusion GPS to continue researching Trump after the Republican donor who originally funded the research pulled out in April 2016.

Tonight Sean Hannity told his audience that there will be 'people going to jail' related to this Uranium One Scandal.

Sean Hannity On Uranium One Scandal

Sean Hannity: Here’s my prediction tonight. People will be going to jail over this… Congress has a duty, a moral obligation, you can’t have a dual justice system. They must investigate these scandals fully and they must uncover the truth of what actually happened. How is it possible, how? That they never recognized that giving Vladimir Putin and the Russians 20 % of our uranium, the  material for nuclear weapons, a hostile actor is a good idea? And with Uranium One Congress can start by calling on key Obama administration officials. Eric Holder, Rod Rosenstein and, yes, Robert Mueller, I hope you’re watching!

This is a major scandal that the mainstream media has finally latched on to. Will these criminals get what they deserve and be put in jail? Time will tell.

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