Good ol' Shifty is getting too big for his britches. He got the backing of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a Trump impeachment inquiry, and now he thinks he runs the show! Somebody better tell him before he gets his feelings hurt...

"We will not allow the White House to delay our investigation." -House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff

House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff had a lot to say Monday, in response to former White House deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman for defying a congressional subpoena. Of course it was about the inquiry to impeach Trump, so Schiff is likely taking it to heart.

“I can understand why the president doesn’t want to come forward. What I find harder to understand is why the Republicans in this body in this House don’t want these witnesses to come forward." Schiff cried,  "Where is their duty to this institution? Where is their duty to the Constitution? Where is their respect for the rule of law? This will not be our last president.”

“They ought to understand the imperative of a Congress to get information from the executive. Without it, we cannot do our job," he added.

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If you ask me, all he is doing is wasting the taxpayers' money. There will not be an impeachment of President Trump because he has not done anything wrong. For Democrats to spend so much time trying to spin a web of lies is honestly exhausting and irritating. Call off the witch hunt and get some REAL work done.

We want legislation passed that will help the American people. Democrats chasing their own tail has gotten real old, real fast.

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