Time is running out on any chance of changing anything in regard to the election results.

If the President and his legal team are going to have any hope at having the results corrected and exposing the fraud, it's going to have to be soon because the election results are set to be certified in December which is just a couple of weeks away.

To be honest, we haven't really got a ton of information from Giuliani and the rest of the Trump team and with time running low, people are wondering if they'll get everything done in time.

As we're running out of time, Rudy Giuliani joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss what the Trump team has been up to and what they've uncovered so far.

One thing we've learned from a Senior U.S. Intelligence official is that, "The key point to understand is that the Smartmatic system has a 'backdoor' that allows it to be 'mirrored and monitored' allowing the intervening party a real-time understanding of how many votes will be needed to gain an electoral advantage."

Giuliani said that there was a lot of evidence that has come in and they have proof that they're not able to disclose yet, but he did say one very encouraging thing. He said that they can actually prove that they did it in Michigan.

He then went on to say that they already have enough illegal ballots that are already documented to overturn the results in multiple states to overturn the result in those states.

Bartiromo asked Giuliani if he has possession of the hardware or software. Giuliani replied, "We have people that I can't really disclose that can describe the hardware in great detail. We have some of the people, former government employees, our government employees and others, that were there at the creation of Smartmatic. They can describe it, they can draw it, they can show it. And then we have proof that I can't disclose yet."

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Obama: 'Dictator' Trump Would ‘Do Anything to Stay in Power’

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All I heard is that she believes freedom and putting America first is "chaos." Let's face it, Trump is likely the best president we have ever had. He putter country and our citizens first. The economy and stock market boomed and the black unemployment rate was at historic lows.

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