Actress Rosie O’Donnell had an absolute meltdown after the U.S. Senate acquitted President Donald Trump (AGAIN) in his second impeachment trial. Democrats do not know when to give up.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is 0/2 right now, and punching the air! Apparently she isn’t the only one.

Rosie posted on Twitter, lashing out against Republicans and Trump supporters after the acquittal. She wrote, “well fuck u all - traitors - cult members - reality deniers u have no shame - u tossed ur legacy in with his - the nation will not forget ur betrayal - he tried to kill mike pence for gods sake - what will it take - damn it #TrumpIsGuilty

It sounds to me like perhaps she is the “reality denier,” eh? Also, would it kill her to use proper grammar? Attempting to read that was a nightmare.

And, despite the fact that Twitter is banning Conservatives left and right for their opinion, Rosie continues to keep her account to post whatever hateful rhetoric she pleases.

The censorship is real.

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