Rose McGowan, the actress-turned-activist who was one of the first to expose Harvey Weinstein, recently met with former President Barack Obama and came away "disappointed."

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she took some time to talk about her disappointing meeting with Obama while in New Dehli back in December for the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

Per Daily Wire:

"I was disappointed he didn't acknowledge a global fight, let alone mine," said McGowan of the #MeToo movement, for which she has been the most vocal leader.

"It was after everything had come out," she said, yet Obama didn't even mention her very public campaign against Weinstein or even the #MeToo movement in general.

THR's Chris Gardner notes that Obama's glaring failure to address the elephant in the room "was especially hard for her because Obama's daughter Malia had interned at the Weinstein Co."

"I was sitting right in front of him, and he would not meet my eyes, and then at the last minute, he asked for Naomi Campbell to be put in a photo with us," said McGowan.

Instead of offering at least an "I'm sorry" or "Keep going, Rose," McGowan said, that all Obama said to the two actresses was, "You ladies sure know how to pose."

"I wanted him to be better," she said.

In the interview, McGowan also provided some more details about what she said took place behind the scenes before the New York Times and the New Yorker published their bombshell reports on some of the Weinstein allegations. McGowan said she acted to block Ronan Farrow and NBC from breaking the story.

"NBC took a lot of heat for killing the story. But I actually served Ronan with a cease and desist — two of them," she said. Gardner writes that while the actress sat for an on-camera interview with Farrow in January 2017, "a source who has seen the interview says she did not name Weinstein," and her attorneys eventually revoked consent.

"I did not want my rape spoken about over breakfast cereal on the Today show," said McGowan. "I'd heard about Matt Lauer. You can't tell me the people at the top of NBC aren't aware. Come on." Gardner notes that a source says she didn't express concern about Lauer at the time.

"I was never going to let my story be on NBC, but I wanted to ensure that the Times would do it, and everybody before had folded," said McGowan. "So I pitted [Farrow] against The New York Times. I understand how men work and how Hollywood works and how power works. People are going to be much more interested in going down the line with something if they know they're competing with somebody else."

The left likes to pretend that Obama is holier than though, this firsthand account says otherwise. Check out some of the responses from Twitter:

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