Ever since President Trump was elected, far left Robert De Niro has launched repeated attacks on him and his supporters. Now he's back for one more.

Per Yahoo News, De Niro appeared on "The Alec Baldwin Show" over the weekend. While on there he took the time out to slam the GOP politicians who have teamed up with President Trump.

“Many of these people who are tied to Trump are going to be tainted for the rest of their lives,” De Niro stated.

De Niro didn't just stop with attacking the politicians. He also went after those who voted Trump into office.

“They think they want to be with him and it’s going to make them something but they are paying such a price making a deal with the Devil, it’s scary,” he said.

He also made it clear that he still has zero respect for Trump.

“I know what he is and he knows what he is, cause everything he says about other people – you’re a loser, you’re a this, you’re a that, is everything you’re saying about yourself,” the actor said. “He’s so transparent he’s projecting.”

Robert De Niro attacks Trump and his supporters

At this point, everyone knows that this is where liberal Hollywood stands with President Trump. We also know that in the last election this proved to not matter in the grand scheme of things. Instead of teaming up with Hollywood like two-time loser Hillary Clinton, Trump teams up with the working class to help make America great.

This rant, once again, proves how out of touch De Niro is. All he is doing is getting Trump's base to band together more and more and make a Trump re-election in 2020 a near certainty.

At this point it's hilarious that these liberal Hollywood elitists still think that anyone cares about their political stance. Maybe if they all weren't robots and thought exactly the same.

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