Even though there is but one Democrat left to run against President Trump in the coming election, the Democratic party as a whole is still divided heavily and I don't believe that there is anything that they can do before the election to fix this.

As we are now only 7 months away from the general election, the Democrats have proved that they are still bitter from Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016. She even colluded with the DNC to rig the nomination and to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination.

The Clintons have been doing this stuff for a long time so there seems to be no evidence to nail her to the wall with.

Bernie Sanders shocked his hardcore followers (Bernie Bros) by endorsing the former Vice President Joe Biden, several of the Vermont Senator’s staffers are jumping ship.

Briahna Joy Gray, who served as Sanders’ national press secretary, and prominent Sanders surrogate Shaun King immediately took aim at Biden — and they made it clear just how much the former vice president’s platform differed from Sanders’ longstanding policy goals.

“With the utmost respect for Bernie Sanders, who is an incredible human being & a genuine inspiration, I don’t endorse Joe Biden,” Gray wrote. “I supported Bernie Sanders because he backed ideas like #MedicareForAll, cancelling ALL student debt, & a wealth tax. Biden supports none of those.”

Additionally, Gray indicated she agreed that it was "almost insulting" for Biden to suggest lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60, in lieu of adopting universal health coverage.

This came as a huge surprise to Bernie's supporters given how even until now Obama hasn't even wanted to endorse Biden.

This isn't going to be enough though. The Democratic party is going to remain divided even in the election. Many Democrats either aren't going to vote, are going to vote for Trump, or vote third party.

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