Republican Senator Jeff Flake Donates $100 Check To Roy Moore’s Far Left Opponent

On Tuesday, Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona issued a tweet that showed proof that he signed a check to far left Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones.

The check is in direct opposition to Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Moore has been accused of sexual molestation of underage women. He has received an endorsement of President Trump this week. Additional to that he has the financial backing of the Republican Party as well.

Here is Flake’s tweet:

Per Daily Wire:

Regardless of whether you oppose Moore, it’s unconscionable from a conservative perspective to promote Jones. Jones is a radical Leftist who supports abortion on demand. You can loudly oppose Moore — I do — without sending money to an unapologetic opponent of values in which you believe. This is why “abstaining” exists.

But Flake may be more about gaining media attention than about morality at this point. He can sound off in precisely the same way Mitt Romney did. Instead, he chose to openly support Jones. That also gives Moore supporters the excuse to dismiss him as a closet Democrat who sold out, as opposed to a principled conservative who opposes Leftism as well as perverse candidates on his own side.

I get not supporting Moore, but as a conservative it is unfathomable to support a radical leftists like Doug Jones. He supports abortion on demand. Abstaining is an option, as stated above.

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