It's great to see a mainstream reporter that isn't afraid of the truth. This is a must see video. This reporter mocks the venue for Hillary's rally. Let's be honest. This is a completely pathetic venue for a presidential rally. Mike Pence has bigger rallies than this. It could even be taken a step further. There are candidates for mayor that have bigger rallies than this. Take a look at this video and see what a mockery the Clinton campaign is.

An excerpt from this awesome video:

"You talk about enthusiasm look at this. This is where Clinton is going to be speaking this afternoon. That’s a small, small area. There’s barely room for 200 people here. The Trump rally in Orlando tomorrow? You’re going to have an excess of 10,000 people."

Isn't it great when a reporter does their job and reports what is actually happening? Kudos to this man. Hopefully he doesn't lose his job as a result of it. If this was a reporter for the Clinton News Network, otherwise known as CNN, this man would certainly be taken out like the trash.

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Reporter Mocks the Venue for Hillary's Rally

Reporter Mocks the Venue for Hillary's Rally

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