Antifa took to the streets of Laguna Beach, California on Sunday. They were protesting President Trump. What else would they be doing? It's not like they have jobs or anything else to worry about. Apparently Antifa is responding to the alt-right and the actions they took in Charlottesville. Well, this is really good. When the reporter asks Antifa what they are protesting, they have no freaking idea.

So, yeah. These Antifa thugs are not the heroes fighting fascism that the mainstream media would love for you to believe. Nope. They are just idiots inciting violence and have no idea what they are fighting for.

Watch the video.

This is what happened when you can't find a job, get laid or achieve anything substantial. You go out and cast hate at those who can.

At one point the interviewer, Fletcher, nearly gets caught up in some violence. These people are unhinged and guess what they are achieving with their protesting: absolutely nothing.

One of the protesters suggests that the number of Nazis in the country is low is because "that's probably registered Nazis." Yeah, that's right. Registered Nazis. In the year 2017 we have an official database of "registered Nazis."

These people are out of their mind and serve no purpose. Yet the mainstream media defends them.

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