Report: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Shopping ‘Pence as President’ to Senate, Need ‘Only Need 10 More Votes to Get it Done’

OANN journalist Emerald Robinson tweeted out a bombshell of a story on Thursday.

Robinson covers politics for OANN. She said that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been shopping around the idea of a Pence presidency and are just 10 votes away from taking down President Trump.

With the amount of support President Trump has from the Republican Party this is very hard to believe, but the swamp is a real thing so it could be a possibility.

Trump supporters are fired up about this report, to say the least:

Robinson takes things a step further and asks why the Republican senators don’t issue a statement and squash this story immediately.

More Stories on “The Swamp”:

President Trump has taken on the Deep State during his entire presidency. This could be their last gasp at getting him back.


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