Conservative movie star and filmmaker Clint Eastwood is ready to take on the mainstream media with a new film called "Richard Jewell."

This is a tale about Richard Jewell, who was incorrectly identified by the media and FBI as the Olympic Bomber.

The FBI and media portrayed Jewell as the main suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing. There are many parallels to how President Trump is currently treated by the FBI and media.

The bombing resulted in 111 people injured and one death.

So how did Richard Jewell get mistakenly accused of being the bomber? Jewell was actually the security guard who found the backpack with three pipe bombs and notified police.

Check it out.

Trailer for New Clint Eastwood Movie Taking on the Media

As Newsbusters points out, Clint Eastwood is incredible with the timing of his releases:

Timing is everything for living legend Clint Eastwood.

The actor/director served up American Sniper after Hollywood stopped firing cinematic shots at the U.S. Military. The results? Sniper earned $350 million at the U.S. box office.

Two years later Eastwood directed Sully, just when movie goers craved a true American hero story. That movie hauled in $125 million domestically.

He may have topped himself with Richard Jewell. The film, out Dec. 13, recalls how the FBI and media unfairly painted the portly security guard as the main suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing. The blast killed one and injured 111 people.

The far-left Hollywood Reporter praised Richard Jewell, but it did something else with its glowing review. It confirmed what many suspected from the film’s trailer. The movie savages the mainstream press.

It's good to see that Clint Eastwood is still killing it at the box office. Even after taking on the left over and over.

Just good for good measure let's looking back on the time he compared President Barack Obama to an empty chair.

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Eastwood proves over and over that movies aren't targeting the fans on the left aren't the only way to get big numbers as the box office.

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