After FBI Director James Comey heard over 5 hours of testimony, new questions are being raised, many of them by Rep Trey Gowdy. The judgement and experience is being questioned. Remember what President Obama called Hillary Clinton. "The most qualified person ever to run for the highest office in the land." He may want to rethink that one.

Lawmakers put Director Comey through the meat grinder. After his decision to not recommend charges for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a result of her usage of email on a private server. Congressman Jason Chaffetz believes that the FBI needs to open up another criminal probe. This should be opened to further investigate the behavior of Clinton.

Congressman Trey Gowdy also took a very heated stance while questioning Director Comey. There is a reason why he did that. The FBI Director thought that Hillary was extremely carelessness,  but she did not commit a crime. While it did not result in a lawsuit, it did result in some severe blows to the heart of Mrs. Clinton's pitch to the American voters. She is attempting to portray herself as the knowledgeable, steady hand that this country desperately needs. Comey's testimony went a long way in disproving these very claims.

Here is the info on why Gowdy went through the exercise with Comey, directly from the horse's mouth:

GOWDY: Well, there's no question she made false statements to the public, but the reason I went through that exercise with Director Comey is, let's assume he's right, and there's an intent element in the statute. I think there was circumstantial evidence that she had the intent, and one way to prove circumstantial -- prove intent by circumstantial evidence is false exculpatory statements. Innocent people don't lie. So if you have a series of false statements, then you need to ask yourself while do you feel the need to mislead. It might be consciousness of guilt.

Rep Trey Gowdy Knows What He Is Doing

Rep Trey Gowdy knows what he is doing. Innocent people don't lie.Anyone providing a series of false statements needs to ask yourself why you are lying in the first place.

With all of this damning evidence, Hillary gets to continue her crusade. Like and share on Facebook and help us stop this awful, lying beast.

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