Earlier this week, Attorney General William Barr sat down for a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

The purpose was supposedly to get some information regarding a number of things but especially the federal agents being sent into Portland to protect the federal courthouse.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, who is the chairman of the committee started the whole hearing off by insulting AG Barr, frequently interrupting him as did many of his Democratic colleagues, and complaining about a video during Rep. Jim Jordan played during his opening statement.

The only thing Nadler had to say about the video showing the massive riots and destruction was that the video was too long.

Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, said on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning that Democrats cut off a video he showed during his opening statement at a Tuesday hearing with Attorney General William Barr before it ended.

"They wouldn't let us complete our video, they wouldn't let him answer questions..." Jordan, R-Ohio, said.

"They pulled the plug on the video?" host Steve Doocy asked.

"Yeah, it wasn't all the way through. We had more to show. They wouldn't let him answer the questions. And there was a point where they weren't even going to let him take a restroom break," Jordan responded.

But truth be told, Rep. Nadler had no interest in actually hearing anything that Barr had to say. This was a political stunt by himself and the Democrats to try and publically shame Barr and insult him.

The reason I say that was because the Democrats would have 5 minutes to speak and they would rant and rant and then maybe ask a question only to interrupt Barr when giving a response to the question.

On top of that, Rep. Nadler was caught multiple times falling asleep during the hearing.

Take a look below:

What's even worse is that this isn't the first time that he's fallen asleep on someone. He did it during the impeachment hearings as well.

Fox News

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