President Trump was accused of leaking classified information. Turns out it was fake news. Do you remember when Hillary leaked classified information during a debate?

During a presidential debate with Donald Trump last year, Hillary Clinton leaked some extremely classified information. There were millions of viewers tuned in for this debate.

The military let it be known that they were "not exactly thrilled" when Hillary Clinton leaked some extremely classified information.

Hillary Leaked Classified Information During a Debate

Then it turns out that just saying the classified information to a national audience wasn't enough. Hillary Clinton took things a step further and tweeted out the classified information.

Remember When Hillary Leaked Classified Information, Hillary nuke times, debate with trump

To this day, the tweet is still active on her Twitter account.

As you probably remember the liberal mainstream media gave Hillary a complete and total pass for this complete blunder. Since they were all working together on the same team, it made sense for them to just ignore it.

Now President Trump had a very lawful exchange of information with the Russians. He is getting crushed for it despite doing absolutely nothing wrong. WaPo leaked the fake news and it became the biggest story in their history. Reactions like this confirm that the liberal mainstream journalists are looking to "fulfill an agenda" and are not worried about "delivering facts."

Thus far President Trump has done a good job of not losing his mind reacting to this fake news. Trump did respond to the allegations, but not in the way many expected. He made it know that he had the "absolute right" to meet with the Russians and the meeting was between all boundaries. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster had his bakc and said, "At no time were any intelligence sources or methods discussed, and no military operations were disclosed that were not already known publicly."

President Trump has handled the classified information leak accusation with dignity and hopefully this is a sign to come.

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