It's safe to say there is zero sanity left in Sweden. They have established themselves as the rape capital of the West. It has became so bad that music festivals are completely unable to stop the rape. What has there been such an uptick in rape? Well, Sweden has open borders, allowing refugees to come flooding through. And now there are refugees raping women at concerts in Sweden at such a high rate. Their solution? Ban all men, of course.

One of the largest music festivals in Sweden has completely cancelled next year's event.

Per BBC:

Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare is organising a “man-free” music festival in her home country in response to rape and sexual assault claims at festivals.

She suggested the idea after reports of a number of sexual offences at Sweden’s biggest music festival Bravalla, which has now been cancelled for next year.

“What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome?” she tweeted.

The Bravalla Festival has decided to cancel their 2018 event altogether in response to the high amount of rape and sexual assault that has been happening there.

Per Euronews:

Sweden’s largest music festival has been cancelled next year after organisers said the level of sexual attacks and other crimes had got out of control.

Around 45,000 people attended the Bråvalla festival this weekend, which featured acts including The Killers, Linkin Park and The Chainsmokers.

Police said they received four reports of rape and 23 accounts of sexual assault.

One woman said a man forced her to have sex with him after changing her mind.

Organisers said next year’s festival would be cancelled as a result commenting: “Certain men … apparently cannot behave. It’s a shame. We have therefore decided to cancel Bråvalla 2018.”

In an official tweet on July 1, they explained the festival of this year would not be affected by their decision but next year’s festival would be cancelled.

Bravalla tweeted:

This will not affect this year's festival in any way, but we have decided not to implement Bråvalla 2018.

What if all of the men that attend the concerts claim that they identify as women? Then are they able to gain entry?

It's a mess in Sweden, there is no doubt about that. President Trump is doing his best to make sure the Western World doesn't run into the same issues.

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