The news stations love to manipulate the stories they tell. ABC News is busted again. This refugee says he likes Trump, but ABC News edits it out.

Stories like this keep happening time and time again. The mainstream media likes to pretend that President Trump is imagining they are out to get him. Stories like this prove President Trump to be 100% correct. A newly arriving refugee named Hameed Darweesh was being interviewed by ABC News when he says that he likes Trump. Well, since that wouldn't fit their agenda, ABC News edits that out. Fortunately Mark Dice was there to uncover the truth and show that ABC actually stands for Always Broadcasting Crap.

Watch the video.

Refugee Says He Likes Trump - ABC News Edits It Out

The sad part is that by lying and promoting fake news, ABC News took away from what should be a great story. This refugee is appreciate of his chance in the United States. He is explaining what motivated him to come here. Additional to that, he likes President Trump because he is going to fight ISIS.

It's not good enough for ABC News to promote a good story. It has to be a good story that fits their agenda. Their agenda is not to promote President Trump. When a refugee is talking about how great his opportunity and this country is, that's fine. But when he switches to saying that he likes President Trump, that is something that does not fit their agenda. Stop the recording now!

Luckily someone recorded the live feed and the Congresswoman was busted shaking her head no to the refugee. She didn't want him to give his true feelings of President Trump. It had to fit their agenda.

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