OAN journalist Jack Posobiec took on a mission that he is definitely brave for doing.

Over the last few days he has been posting some insane videos from inside CHAZ claiming he was getting them from someone on the inside, or a “field source.”

In reality, the former navy intelligence officer turned journalist actually went undercover himself and exposed the lies the media is telling you about CHAZ.

Self-declared “warlord” of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), now known as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), Raz Simone, knew he had a mole inside the zone as video of his gang were popping up online. A “field source” had embedded themself inside the zone exposing the violence that is occurring inside the zone. It just so happens that it was Posobiec and a friend who had gone undercover and spent the weekend inside CHAZ.

The duo posted a video showing everything the media has failed to report. CNN and other mainstream media networks have claimed that there is no armed security patrolling the street and that nobody is shaking people down when they “get out of line.” Videos posted by Posobiec shows that there are armed guards and a roving security detail.

The MSM will tell you that CHAZ is like the Coachella music festival with drum circles and street art. Posobiec reported is mostly true…during the day at night, however, it’s a whole different world. One of the reasons why there is not a lot of video coming out from CHAZ at night is because anyone caught filming is mobbed by people asking questions and is blocked off from filming.

Posobiec and his crew showed horrible sanitation issues, “medics” that shield assaults rather than help those assaulted and rampant drug use.

During his last night in CHAZ, Posobiec posted some very scary video when a protestor broke into a local business right outside the zone and tried to burn it down. Then a mob from the zone attempted to break out the protestor when the business owner held him and called the police. The situation did de-escalate however the police never showed up to help the business owner.

There is still much more footage which he is using to put together a documentary exposing what is really happening on the inside that the media is covering up.


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