The left hates people who question climate change. If you don't agree with them they lose their mind! In this video Rand Paul takes down Jake Tapper and his climate change nuts.

Rand Paul has a very simple approach to this debate. He has data that supports his stance. Also, he is able to point out all of the failed predictions that have occurred by the left over the years, by fools such as Al Gore. At one point Jake Tapper gets so desperate that he claims the reports have been correct. It's an outright lie, but good try Jake!

Watch the video.

Rand Paul Takes Down Jake Tapper

Rand Paul doesn't say anything insane. He simply points out that we have no idea how much of climate change is caused by man and how much of climate change is caused by nature. Rand doesn't make claims that he can't prove such as that climate change is not real. He suggests that the earth is 4.5 billion years old so it is basically impossible to figure out what was caused in the last 100 years. Which is a great thing to point. Unfortunately Jake Tapper is a nut and does not respect logic.

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