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A couple of the most common things that Democrats call Republicans are xenophobes and racists. Dems accuse Republicans of being dismissive of other races, creeds and religions.

Well after the most recent Wikileaks DNC document dump, it seems like a good time for the Democrats to take a look in the mirror when using those labels.

The Sean Hannity Show has reported that DNC officials were using language to discuss religious and ethnic minorities that they would have dumped on Republicans if they were to use it.

Per Conservative Tribune:

One email chain sent in early May, from someone named Zachary Allen at TIPAH Consulting to DNC Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer, discussed arrangements being made for a DNC LGBT event by a black woman named LaQueenia Gibson.

At one point in the chain, Comer stated, “(J)ust kill me now,” to which Allen replied, “LaQueenia is a NAME! I’m sorry, boo. I hope you got a raise with this title.”

Still another email chain involving DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall, sought for a way in which to use the Jewish religious heritage and suspected atheism of socialist Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders against him in the lead up to primaries in more rural states like Kentucky and West Virginia.

Marshall seemed to suggest that his “Southern Baptist peeps” might take issue with supporting an atheist when they could possibly rationalize supporting a Jew.

Yet another email seemingly likened the DNC’s outreach to Hispanic and Latino voters as “Taco Bowl engagement,” likely a shot at the much-maligned Cinco de Mayo Day social media post from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

But Republicans are the racist ones who scoff at other religions and races right? Riiiight.

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