Prior to the Second Amendment rally that took place in Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam was trying to be a fear monger and scare everyone into thinking that there was going to be a massacre at the rally.

The media was reporting that "white nationalists" were going to be at the rally and saying that this was going to be just like Charlottesville. Even Gov. Northam declared a state of emergency in preparation for the rally as he apparently feared for his life.

However, the rally went off without a hitch. It was the most perfect and peaceful rally there has been in a long time and thousands of people had guns.

There did appear to be one guy who was trying to stir up a problem, but the way that those at the rally responded to him was perfect.

Here is how most of the people at the rally were behaving.

Now here is the moron who was trying to start some trouble, but the crowd wasn't having it.

As you can see from this video, one man attempted to ask another supporter very loudly whether or not he wanted to “start a revolution” and jump the fence to kill “that guy,” presumably Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. The “revolution” part was agreed to by the protester, but upon hearing the violent suggestion, the protester went silent.

Once those words came out of his mouth about violence, the crowd immediately turned on the agitator.

The interviewer asked those around what they thought about what he said and they made it clear that violence is not what they’re about.

The agitator attempted to say that it wasn’t his suggestion, but the person he was speaking to. The video starts too late, so it’s unknown whether or not he was telling the truth, but the point remains the same. The crowd is there to peaceably assemble in support of their 2nd Amendment rights non-violently.

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