Well, another psycho feminist has been caught doing something crazy. This one threatened to falsely accuse her Uber driver of rape. Luckily the Uber driver was smart enough to catch this entire exchange on video.

The woman claimed that her phone died and demanded a charger. The driver asked her nicely to calm down or exit the vehicle. This is when the threats began. She threatened to call the cops and tell them that he hit her and raped her. Clearly these are both things that did not happen. Then she took things even further. She told him when they arrived at the destination she would have something waiting for him. Despite all of this, the Uber driver attempted to keep order and continued to attempt to driver her to her destination.

Finally, enough is enough. He demands that she get out of the car. She does, but not before destroying the backseat of the car.

Watch the video.

Psycho Feminist Threatens Uber Driver


Talk about flying off the handle. Feminists are all about trashing everyone, especially men, but when their true character is revealed...it's not good. She probably wishes she could have this moment back, but too late. Smart thinking by the Uber driver and he was especially cool under pressure.

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