Anyone with a brain knows the car has the "right of way." Well this chunky chick has no brain. This protester blocks traffic and gets ran over.

This chunker started a fight with someone who was just passing through. They weren't even trying to go through the intersection, they were in the midst of a right turn.

Well, the chunker was having no part of them passing by. She stood directly in front of them right up against their bumper. All they wanted was to get by. They honked their horn, they yelled, they even tried a gentle bump.

Even worse, she was getting encouragement by the people around her. They were labeling it "assault" when she was getting nudged 2 miles per hour. They even started crowding around her.

What would YOU have done? Is there any room to claim self-defense here?

Watch the video.

Chunky Protester Blocks Traffic and Gets Ran Over

It's a terrible situation. These people protest police all the time, then put themselves in a situation where there is no way the situation can be sorted out without the police.

These protesters are completely insane. There is no way to get out of this situation without violence. They are refusing to let cars get where they need to be. It is not their right to stop you where you are going.

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