This is terrible news. There is now proof Hillary rigged half of the voting machines in America. Even worse, America is completely clueless about it.

The first fact was found from Wikipedia. In 2010, Dominion Voting Machines bought the rights to own voting machines in 22 different states. This happened just in time to get Obama re-elected.

Proof Hillary Rigged Half of the Voting Machines in America

This company is also a big-time donor to the Clinton Foundation. How big? Big enough to make it to the top of their donor list. Need proof? Here it is on the Clinton Foundation website.

dominion voting clinton foundation donor

Wouldn't you agree that this is an odd coincidence? Around the same time Hillary was set to retire as Secretary of State to focus on her campaign, this company purchased around half the voting machines in this country.

But that's not all. One of the owners of Dominion Voting is George Soros. Yes, the incredible corrupt George Soros.

hillary clinton and george soros clinton foundation dominion voting

This is incredible important information that we need to get out to the public.

Proof Hillary Rigged Half of the Voting Machines in America

Do your part to help stop this atrocity from happening. Please like and share this story on Facebook so we can stop the Hillary Clinton lies and keep her from rigging this election. Time is of the essence, so please do it now!


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