The Senate hearing for former FBI Director James Comey is going to happen on Thursday. President Trump may live tweet during the hearing.

Per Raw Story:

Washington Post reporter Robert Costa told MSNBC on Tuesday that the president would directly respond to Comey on Twitter as the testimony is underway.

“I was just talking to some White House officials this morning and their view is that the president himself wants to be the messenger, his own warrior, his own lawyer, his own spokesman,” Costa explained. “Some outside people, some surrogates will be available.”

“But the president is expected to be tweeting on Thursday in response to Comey, not to stay quiet during the testimony,” he added. “Because he himself wants to be the one driving the process.”

Watch the video.

Trump May Live Tweet Comey Hearing

On a Tuesday tweet Costa confirmed his White House sources.

On May 9th, President Trump fired Comey with a brief letter. Since then he has doubled down, calling Comey a "showboat" and a "nutjob" while he was meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

If you are looking to watch the Comey hearing, it will be live streamed by ABC, CBS and NBC.

President Trump May Live Tweet the Comey Hearing

President Trump May Live Tweet the Comey Hearing

What do you think about Trump continuing to tweet during this hearing? This type of transparency is what helps connect President Trump with his base. It started during his campaign and is continuing through his presidency.

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