On Thursday the NY Times questioned why President Trump hasn't spoke with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Then, President Trump humiliates NY Times, fake news!

President Trump Humiliates NY Times - Fake News!, New York Times Fake News

Per the New York Times:

When the White House announced this week that President Trump had sent President Xi Jinping of China a letter wishing him a happy Chinese New Year, it did not disclose a major reason for the friendly gesture: Mr. Xi hasd not, at that point, gotten on the phone with Mr. Trump…

…Stung by an earlier, and unorthodox, telephone call between Mr. Trump and the president of Taiwan, Mr. Xi hasd not spoken to Mr. Trumpthe American leader since Nov. 14, the week after he was elected.

Then Trump came in and lowered the boom and exposed the fake news.

Fake News


The media has no idea what to do now that they are held accountable. They might just stop reporting if Trump keeps hammering the fake news.




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