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While everyone's focus is on the news and the coronavirus, President Trump isn't letting this distract him from doing the rest of his job. He promised to drain the swamp. He's been doing it and is still doing it even to this very moment.

He has rid Washington of many of them, but there are still many that need to be removed. Rest assured that investigations are still going on in the background and we still have Deep State operatives being fired.

Susan Crabtree from Real Clear Politics said that seven Inspector Generals are expected to be fired in total relatively soon.

"Breaking: Trump is firing 7 IGs in one fail swoop, sources confirm to @RealClearNews. Most likely will be the IGs that were appointed by Pres. Obama or beforehand. He wants his own people in those positions now. Trump during his briefing said he has "put in 7 names" for IGs."

"Also -- some of these are likely replacements for IGs who have been serving in only acting roles (not Senate confirmed )-- but at least some of whom were first put in their position by Pres. Obama"

Michael Atkinson was recently fired by President Trump and is actually one of the seven.

Others that are reportedly on the chopping block are the CIA IG, the IG of the Department of Education, as well as others.

During Tuesday’s daily coronavirus task force briefing, Trump implied that he no longer had faith in their oversight capabilities and he was in the process of replacing several of them.

“We have a lot IGs from the Obama era. … I left them largely” in place, he said. The president then openly complained about “reports of bias” surrounding some of their actions and acknowledged that he had moved to replace seven of them.

“We’re putting in seven names, I think it was seven, and they’re going in now,” he said.

“We have a lot of IGs in from the Obama era. And, as you know, it’s a presidential decision,” Trump told reporters Monday, referring to presidents’ ability to remove the watchdogs and nominate new ones.

Real Clear Politics

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