‘Practice Halloween’ At Indiana University To Help Students Avoid Offensive Costumes

It continues to get worse and worse. Southern Indiana University is implementing a “practice Halloween” to help avoid “offensive” and “insulting” costumes. It is referred to as “Culture not Costumes” workshop. This serves as a grim reminders of the absurd influence that political correctness has on college campuses.

Per The College Fix:

A student tolerated the event, hosted by Housing and Residence Life, so The College Fix could get a glimpse into what it is to achieve extreme wokeness.

TEN: The number of students in attendance.

TWO: The number of videos shown to students about why it’s bad to dress up in “inappropriate costumes.”

FOUR: The number of handouts given to attendees to explain how to make sure their costume is not racist or does not culturally appropriate another, and why it’s very bad to do so.

ONE: The number of times presenters provided the audience with dress-up materials and instructed them to dress up in something that wasn’t culturally insensitive.

EIGHT: The number of times the student attending the event for The College Fix held himself back from rolling his eyes.

The two videos about people dressing up in “inappropriate costumes” included one on people donning Japanese prostitute costumes and a second on Native Americans. The words “very disrespectful” came up, a lot.

Then there was this insane handout that was passed out to all attendees.

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Then that’s not all. The provided examples of what cultural appropriation looks like “when it comes to first nations.

There is also a yes/no flow chart. If it is determined a costume culturally appropriates then you are directed to go back to the beginning of the flow chart and start over.

When you think it can’t get any worse, it does. The presenters pull out a box of actual costumes and practice how to choose costumes.

“They literally had everything provided for us, and showed us things we could dress up as, and the clothes pretty much matched the costumes and all we had to do was put it together,” the student told The College Fix.

“I have no idea what I just went to. It just wasn’t what I expected.”

This is unbelievable.

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