House Democrats are already accusing President Trump’s defense team of lies in the future. They warned that they “expect a lot of lies.” Seriously? Says the people who are literally basing an entire impeachment on lies and deceit.

"We can expect a masterclass in distraction, deflection and a distortion of the truth," a Democratic aide said on Saturday.

Democrats maintain that their case is a slam-dunk — "we have laid out an overwhelming, compelling case," said a second aide — and are now expecting Trump's lawyers to all but ignore the Democratic evidence and instead shift their focus to issues like process and former Vice President Joe Biden.

"What we expect today ... is the exact opposite of what you would expect a defense to be," another aide said, "The question that everyone needs to ask themselves is: are the attorneys going to be discussing any of the evidence that we presented ... , or are they going to be distracting from the evidence? Are they going to be talking about Joe Biden or, worse yet, Hunter Biden, or the Steele dossier, or the whistleblower, or the Intelligence Committee's investigation or process?

I find this interesting considering the fact that the president literally told his defense team to just be honest with everything. Trump is out here pushing for honesty, even through the Democrats load of BS lies.

“What my people have to do is just be honest. Just tell the truth,” Trump said during an interview with Fox News at the March for Life. “But they say it doesn’t have to be a crime…Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be a crime, but can you imagine being impeached if you didn’t commit a crime?”

He did speak out against Democrats and say that the impeachment managers are guilty of “telling so many lies” and using “so much exaggeration” during their arguments.

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