In Portland, Oregon a man stabbed two passengers while on a commuter train. The media labeled the attacker as a Trump supporter. The two passengers were stabbed after they attempted to stop the man from harassing two women who appeared to be Muslim, according to police. Well as it turns out, the Portland stabber is not a Trump supporter. He was actually a far left Bernie supporting white supremacist.

The murderer is Jeremy Joseph Christian of Portland. He is a 35 year-old convicted felon. He was shouting religious and ethnic slurs at the young Muslim women, according to the Portland Police Department.

The three men who stepped in to help were all stabbed. Two of them died and one escaped with non life-threatening injuries.

So yeah, this guy stabbed three heroes who stepped into to stop a hateful tirade. This guy is the lowest form of life on earth.

Right away, the left pounced on his and pegged it as a crime of a "right wing extremist." Apparently they forgot that historically Democrats are the white supremacists.

Check out this report by ABC News.


After this report, the left was quick to jump to conclusions. Check out some of them below. It was pretty unanimous. This was Trump's fault.

Portland Stabber Is NOT a Trump Supporter

Except there is one thing wrong with the conclusions they drew. They were 100% wrong. Look at the murderer's Facebook page.

Portland Stabber Is NOT a Trump Supporter

If that's not enough, here he is protesting a Trump rally.

Wacko Jill Stein was quick to jump in and blame Trump. No surprise there, right?

This backfired for her, big-time!

Now that this guy has been identified as a leftists, do you think the media will just brush this story under the rug? How many of these right-wing extremists have turned out to be hoaxes? A whole lot of them.

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