The left is offended by everything. Additionally, they feel they should be able to say anything they want and no one should be offended as a result. Here is a great example of this. A Portland Bar offers "free whiskey for life" to any of their patrons who punches White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

The bar is called Paydirt. They are printing it on the bottom of all of the receipts they hand out to customers. Check it out.

Portland Bar Offers 'Free Whiskey for Life'

Take a minute and think, what if a conservative directed violence toward someone from the Obama administration. They would be on the national news and put on blast. When a liberal does it, it is celebrated.

Also, Paydirt once donated a portion of their revenue to Planned Parenthood. They did this for all of their sales on inauguration day.

Inauguration day at Paydirt, Planned Parenthood

For election night the bar offered a champagne toast if Hillary Clinton was elected. But if Trump was elected, it would be switched to whiskey.

Paydirt Election Night Party, Portland bar offers free whiskey

Let's not forget that threatening a public official is a felony. Also, soliciting violence against public officials is also against the law.

After this happened, the both the Paydirt bar and its owner Ezra Caraeff have locked their Twitter accounts. No surprise there.

Ezra Caraeff also owned "The Old Gold." He is attempting to use humor to make light of the situation.

Portland Bar Offers 'Free Whiskey for Life'

Prior to the outrage caused by the receipts at his bar, Caraeff tweeted, “Nothing will turn you into a libertarian asshole faster than opening a business in the city of Portland right now.”

The Old Gold has also printed a cute little message at the bottom of their receipts.

The old gold, is it ok to punch a nazi

It's amusing this guy still feels the need to be cute at the bottom of his receipts. At some point he needs to chalk this up as a loss and maybe try thanking people for their business at the bottom of the receipt.

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