Last week Taylor Swift went the political route for the first time ever when she gave a Democrat endorsement for the upcoming senatorial election in Tennessee. Though the mainstream media suggested that her actions caused a big spike in voting in the state, there are now statistics that show otherwise.

She underestimated Tennesseans

It was revealed on Breitbart that a poll from the firm Cygnal showed that 86% of Tennessee voters state that heir choice of candidate has not changed. 82% of these same people were aware of what Swift had to say about the candidates.

“Millennial and Gen Z voters are highly aware of the endorsement of the Democrat, but it did little to move their vote preference,” explained Matt Hubbard, VP of Research & Analytics at Cygnal. “Swift’s endorsement is providing a boost to get-out-the-vote efforts, but we’re seeing minimal impact on the race.”

Brent Buchanan, the President of Cygnal, said that the endorsement by Swift can possibly lead to "bad blood with her conservative fans."

For much of her career Taylor Swift stayed out of politics. It surprised many when she released a statement that called for people to vote against Marsha Blackburn. Now it appears that her endorsement will do little to nothing in the grand scheme of things outside of irritating her conservative fans.

Another example of celebrities overestimating how much people care about their political stance. When will they learn?

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