Is this a case of Republicans having a strange affection for Kim Jong Un or is it just an indicator of how much they can't stand Nancy Pelosi. I'd lean to the latter.

A poll was released by the Daily Beast on Monday that had about a thousand participants. 19% of the participants had a "favorable" view of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un who is fresh off of a meeting with President Donald Trump. Nearly 70% have an "unfavorable" view of Kim.

Trump's fiercely loyal base has created some wacky poll results before. Between that and party bias and even a lack of knowledge of just how awful Kim is, things like this are able to happen.

Per Daily Wire:

Among Republicans, Pelosi had a 17 percent approval rating, two points lower than that of Kim Jong Un.

That's not a great look for Republicans, of course, though nearly anyone or anything, including cockroaches, head lice, Nickelback, colonoscopies and Brussels sprouts can get 10 percent favorability (and all frequently poll better than Congress, as a whole).

Politics, researchers and interpreters could conclude from the study, is now largely driven by how you perceive President Donald Trump. If you like Trump, or tolerate him, you're more likely to view world leaders who cooperate with him favorably, even if those world leaders are maniacal and murderous.

But Democrats aren't necessarily immune. If you don't like Donald Trump, that worldview colors your interpretation of politics and your love for political leaders across the board, too. Self-identified Democrats also said they favored Kim Jong Un – or at least that they disliked a man who has imprisoned thousands and starved millions only slightly less than their own President.

Democrats gave Kim Jong Un an 8 percent favorability rating. They gave Donald Trump a 10 percent rating.

The Daily Beast's headline is quick to trumpet the GOP's love for North Korea's diminutive dictator, but Republicans aren't the only ones biased toward Kim when conditions are right.

Despite the low ratings, they are still higher than how Democrats view President Trump.

We all know this article was pushed by Daily Beast with one goal in mind: to put the GOP on blast for being a fan of Kim Jong Un. Democrats only favor Kim slightly less than the President of the United States. 10% to 8%.

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