Gallup released a poll on Monday that many would find shocking. Most Americans are not "extremely proud" to be an American. The poll began in 2001 and this is the first time it showed Americans are not extremely proud of their nationality.

When you do the partisan breakdown, it's even more telling. Only 32% of Democrats are extremely proud of the country. 42% of independents are extremely proud of the country. 74% of Republicans are extremely proud, up from 68% in 2016.

Sure, there is a Republican president, which certainly accounts for a part of the shift, but there's more to it. Even when Obama was president only a slight majority of Democrats were proud to be American while Republicans were a super majority. It is easy to see that Republicans are much more proud to be an American.

More on why from Daily Wire:

The answer lies in the ideology of the Left, which sees the story of America as a story of original sin, punctuated by occasional Leftist victories. In this view, America was founded on slavery and bigotry and rich white property ownership, and only through the bravery of those willing to reject the system have those excesses been curbed. America exploits foreign nations for its own profit; America engages in cultural imperialism; America is rude, brash, and militaristic. That’s the Howard Zinn view of the country, and it has increasingly affected the Democratic Party mainstream.

That’s one of the reasons why Democrats see pride in country as a direct reflection of the nature of the leadership of the country. When Obama’s leading the country, America is fighting its nasty past; when Trump is, America is indulging its racist DNA.

For conservatives, the story of America is a story of founding freedoms and basic liberties protected by government — the story of a nation founded in glory, not always living up to its central ideals, but striving forward to seek their fulfillment one difficult step at a time. Thus, the president is ultimately unimportant to the question of being proud to be American: he’s just the guy holding the office established by the greatest man-made document in human history. Presidents change. Founding ideas don’t.

These are two opposite images of the United States. No president will help bridge that gap. Only a renewed understanding of the truth of the ideas of the founding will.

Really, does this come as a surprise? It's not hard to tell who is more proud to be an American when you compare to the two party affiliations.

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