Ever since he announced his run for the presidency, former Vice President Joe Biden has been at the top of almost every poll with the exception of a few swing states.

The way that the mainstream media is portraying it, it looks like it's going to be a showdown between Biden and Donald Trump. Were it up to Biden, I'm sure the showdown would involve seeing who can do the most push-ups.

But according to Political Analyst Ron Meyer, the race is already over and Biden has lost.

Meyer says that in the states where he is only leading by a small margin, he'll ultimately end up losing there because the rest of the votes are split up between Sanders and Warren.

“If you look at Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, they’re right behind him in most of these states or beating him in [Iowa and New Hampshire]. So when you add up the two socialist candidates versus the one moderate candidate, they overtake him,” Meyer said. “And so as these delegates amass, you’re going to see basically the left-wing of the party is going to have more delegates at the end of the day. So when Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren drops out, those delegates will consolidate behind one candidate that’s not Joe Biden, and that spells trouble for him."

He concluded with “I think he’s cooked.”

So why hasn't the media picked up on this? Maybe they're biased, or maybe they're on a mission to try and screw Sanders out of the nomination once again. I think it will really be telling when one of the top candidates drops next, whether it be Sanders, Warren, or even Buttigieg. After that happens someone may take the lead over Biden in more states.

It's still early and I don't think we'll lose one of those individuals until after the first couple caucuses.


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