Even fellow alumni at University of Nevada are having a laugh about Collin Kaepernick. A University of Nevada police office trolls Kaepernick for Halloween. It should come as no surprise that leftists are in a fit of rage about it.

Officer Antonio Gutierrez dressed up in a costume that made a mockery of Kaepernick and his current situation. It went viral on social media, mostly on Twitter where it made the rounds thanks to people who found it offensive. He is seen looking very homeless in a makeshift Kaepernick jersey, a fake nose, afro and a sign that reads "will stand for food."

Police officer trolls Colin Kaepernick

The costume is clearly a sign at the anthem protest Kaepernick fired up where he protested the oppression of racial minorities in the United States. Eventually the protest evolved into a heated argument over patriotism and respect for the military in the United States of America. Kaepernick blames the protest for his continued unemployment.

The chief of the University of Nevada Reno Police Department apologized on behalf of Officer Gutierrez after the photo circulated the internet.

“For those who have seen the Halloween costume of one of our officers apparently mocking a citizen who has chosen to take advantage of his constitutional right to protest, I offer my sincere apologies."

“Members of our profession are held to a higher standard and denigrating another — on or off duty — is insensitive for its lack of respect and lack of understanding on how others may negatively view their actions and may be impacted.”

Can't even have a little fun at the expense of the left without someone getting butt-hurt.

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