President Obama has taken his war on police to new levels. Can you believe the Denver Police Department fined by Obama for not hiring non-citizens? Well, it's true.

From the beginning of 2015 to March, 2016 the Denver Police Department went on a hiring spree. They added more than 200 deputies. They were hit with a fine by the Department of Justice because they would not hire non-citizens as deputies. The department admitted this. In their settlement with the U.S. Government, they were forced to pay $10,000.

Police Department Fined By Obama

On top of that, the department will have to go back and come through all of the applications they have received. They will have to look at all applications submitted through the last two years and identify immigrants were excluded from the hiring process and determine whether or not they were given due consideration.

DOJ Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta released a statement which included the following:

“Eliminating this unlawful citizenship requirement will help ensure that the Denver Sheriff Department hires the best and most qualified individuals to protect and serve.”

And also she stated, “The entire community will benefit from these reforms.”

The Nationality and Immigration Act forces employers to give equal treatment to non-citizens with valid workers permit, compared to American citizens.

Police Department Fined By Obama

What do you think about this? Should non-citizens be able to put on the uniform and become a deputy? Help share and expose the unfair fine that the Denver Police Department was forced to pay.


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