Ladies and gentlemen, your tax dollars at work. While at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, plastered Malia Obama is too wasted to walk.

The video was acquired by TMZ. It features Malia Obama and a female friend of hers dancing while the Killers, a rock band from Las Vegas, perform.

In this video Malia Obama is definitely having a good time. Perhaps too much of a good time.

Per Daily Mail:

Malia’s friend throws herself to the ground while Obama’s daughter jokingly pretends to play the drums, matching her moves with the music.

She then helps her friend up before they turn to watch the rest of the show, but the party was far from over.

The night didn’t end well for 19 year-old Malia.

Here is video of Malia Obama being carted away by security.

Plastered Malia Obama Carted Away

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