People wonder why there is such an uproar from the right about Planned Parenthood. This former director spills all the beans to Tucker Carlson.

Per Daily Wire:

Johnson previously worked as a Planned Parenthood clinic director in Houston, Texas, before resigning in 2009 when she witnessed an abortion via ultrasound.

The former Planned Parenthood official explained that the lucrative "nonprofit" illegally sold, not "donated," aborted baby parts by disguising profits as "shipping" and "handling" charges, though the parts were simply picked-up. The whistleblower also noted the ghoulish culture at the clinic, one in which staffers would refer to the freezer of aborted baby parts as "the nursery" and set their alarm code to spell out the word "baby."

Johnson stated, as she previously has, that Planned Parenthood clinics have an abortion quota to be met each month.

"Every abortion facility within Planned Parenthood has an abortion quota that they must meet," said Johnson, explaining that this is "how they make their money."

She noted that not a single Planned Parenthood in the country provides mammograms, though clinics do dole out birth control pills for young girls. Johnson said this is actually another way to gain clients; the method has a "high human error rate," she said, and over half of their abortion clients are on such pills when they become pregnant.

"They also sell fetal tissue; baby body parts," stated Carlson.

"That's right," answered Johnson. The clinic she worked at in Texas sold fetal bodies for $200 a piece; with a maximum capacity for 75 abortions a day, Johnson said her clinic alone could possibly rake-in $2 million annually if only half of all abortions produced "suitable tissue" to be sold.

"But I thought that Planned Parenthood, or any facility like Planned Parenthood, is not allowed to sell human parts," said the Fox News host.

"If they line-item it correctly, then it looks like they are just paying for handling services or for shipping services, but really there is no additional handling involved, there is no additional shipping involved; [the buyer] came and picked up the parts from our facility," replied Johnson. They're "skirting around the law," she added.

On the culture of Planned Parenthood, Johnson said, “It becomes a joke. I remember my supervisor joking about the babies that we aborted and things like, you know, the security code on our alarm was 2229 because that spelled out ‘baby.’ And they thought that was just hilarious. The freezer in the lab where we pieced together baby parts … everybody jokingly called that ‘the nursery.'"

Watch the video:

It is mind blowing to find out what actually goes down at these Planned Parenthood clinics. It's nothing like the picture they attempt to paint.

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