As if oversighting the murder of unborn babies wasn't bad enough, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards gloated about how prideful she is in her work.

Richards, who practically throws herself at journalists for the limelight, told the Texas Observer about her proudest moment at her job: making Christians pay for abortion drugs.

Texas Observer asked, "And your proudest moment at Planned Parenthood?"

Richards responded, "Definitely the day President Obama called to say he was about to announce that birth control would be covered for all women under their insurance plans, because it had been a hard-fought battle, long before I came to Planned Parenthood."

She continued, "We were fighting to make sure that insurance companies covered it and pharmacies would fill prescriptions. The fact that now, I believe, for your generation, all women will be able to get it without a fight, and they’ll be able to get the best birth control, is an enormously important moment."

"It was a win for the movement," Richards sickly concluded.

As a Christian, I would say that birth control is not an issue considering it prevents conception rather than murdering an already conceived child. We do not have a problem with contraceptives. We have a problem with murdering another human being.

Some of the drugs that Richards is talking about are abortion pills that a pregnant woman can take to terminate the pregnancy.

Life News reports:

Richards is talking about the HHS Mandate requ, which Christian organizations and businesses have had to challenge all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. As Richards noted, abortion activists used their influence to force religious employers – including nuns – to pay for abortion-causing drugs in employee health plans through HHS.

The Little Sisters of the Poor is the latest group asking the nation’s highest court to ensure they do not have to comply with Obamacare’s abortion mandate. The mandate compels religious groups to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions. Without relief, the nuns would face millions of dollars in IRS fines because they cannot comply with the government’s mandate that they give their employees free access to contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs.

Their agenda isn't just for birth control covered by taxes, which is absurd in itself considering we do not want the government in control of healthcare. No, they want taxpayers to pay for abortions as well, without having any say in the matter.

I refuse to pay for murder.

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