Disney is as big as it gets in the entertainment industry. Planned Parenthood is trying to use them to their advantage. The abortion factory stated, "We need a Disney princess who's had an abortion."

Remember, each Disney princess is very unique. Each of them serves as a role model to millions of young girls all over the world. There should be no surprise that Planned Parenthood is trying to exploit the power that the "Princess" franchise has in order to promote abortion.

One of the PP affiliates, Planned Parenthood Keystone, took to Twitter to call on the type of Disney princess they'd like to see in the future: one who is "pro-choice" and has had an abortion. The tweet was criticized heavily. It was criticized even by those who support abortion. The tweet was deleted, but the Internet never forgets, so a screenshot was grabbed.

Planned Parenthood Asks Disney To Create a Princess Who's Had an Abortion

Unfortunately, getting young children to support abortion is nothing new for PP.

Per Live Action:

Indoctrinating young children to support abortion and engage in risky sexual practices is nothing new from Planned Parenthood. Live Action’s SexEd investigation, for example, found Planned Parenthood’s “counselors” giving young, underage girls disturbing advice about sex. But what happens when these girls turn to Planned Parenthood for help? The abortion corporation routinely covers up and hides child sex trafficking and the sexual abuse of children.

Planned Parenthood does whatever they can to lure children into their web. All so they can pull in more money from more abortions. A child facing a pregnancy needs support, not a government funded way to murder.

There are strong values promoted by Disney's princesses. Very different from what PP promotes. If Disney decides to go this route it would destroy everything the franchise has built with their "Princess" series.

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