When will the left learn that challenging Ben Shapiro is bad for business. In the latest installment Piers Morgan challenges Ben Shapiro on gun control. It ends the way we've came to expect it. This is a war that Morgan has been losing since January 2013.

At this point Piers Morgan should have realized it's not smart to poke the bear. Not the case. Morgan got things fired off with this tweet:

Shapiro saw it and came back with this response:

Morgan's response? A failed analogy:

Shapiro was quick to point out how bad his analogy was:

Instead of abandoning his terrible analogy, he doubled down on it.

Shapiro fires back with something this leftist hates: logic:

Despite a completely failed argument Piers continued to defend his failed argument:

Finally Ben Shapiro put him out of his misery.

Charles W. Cooke, editor of National Review Online, was watching the exchange from afar. He couldn't help himself but to come in and take a shot at Morgan:


Despite so many holes in his argument and being exposed, Morgan refused to leave his sinking ship:

At this point there was no more Shapiro could do but shrug his shoulders and move on:

There was nothing Ben Shapiro could say to change his mind. In Piers Morgan's mind defending your property with gun is bad. End of story. No matter how much logic Shapiro hits him in the face with that is not going to change his mind. And even worse he is absolutely awful at defending his stance on it.

Keep in mind this wasn't the first time this has happened. Look at this footage from 2013 of Piers Morgan getting owned by Ben Shapiro.

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