Have you ever seen a ghost?

I've seen at least 2 ghosts (as far as I can tell) in my lifetime. There may have been one more but I'm really not sure because it happened so fast. One of them I was with a friend who saw it as well, the other time I was alone as a kid.

Apparently, most people in America do believe in ghosts or have reported seeing one at some point.

Recently, a mother whose son passed away in 2016 got an alert on her phone from her security system saying that the camera in the kitchen detected someone in the house. Then she say the image. To her shock, the photo appeared to show the ghost of her son.

According to iHeart,

Her name is Jennifer Hodge and last week, she was watching TV in her bedroom with her 21-year-old daughter Lauren. She checked her phone and saw a notification that there said, "Your entryway camera saw someone." Attached to the message was an image from the camera that seemed to show a transparent, bearded male figure in what look like pajamas. While that is enough to freak anyone out, what Jennifer and Lauren realized next truly left them shook - the person in the picture looked exactly like Jennifer's son Robbie, who died two in 2016 at the age of 23.

Here is what the young man's mom posted on Facebook:

"Last night, I was home alone with my youngest daughter watching a show in my bedroom... We started an hour long episode at 11:15pm and at 12:18pm my daughter looked at my phone and saw a notification from our Nest security system saying “Person Spotted in Entryway” from 11:51pm. When we pulled up the image this is what we saw... For everyone who knows what my son looks like , they know that this looks just like him beard and all! When I went to the kitchen the nest camera was in flip out mode...I thought it was broken, simply a strange night at the hodge house, to say the least.

We have no clue what to think about all of this but so happy to be able to know my beautiful boy is always with us! Please share as this offers hope for so many....
Robbie’s Mom"


Photo Credit: iHeart

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