Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg appeared on "The Breakfast Club" on Friday morning. While on there, he said unborn babies can be aborted all the way up until their first breath. He even tied the Bible to his decision, mentioning how the Bible states that "life begins with breath."

Also during the interview, the South Bend mayor also talked about his comprehensive Douglass Plan, his thoughts on whether America is ready for a gay president, and whether black voters should vote for him.

Buttigieg presented one way to determine when life actually begins when it comes to abortion debates. His angle was that the bible talks about life beginning with breath.

Of course, he confirmed his stance of being pro-choice.

“I think, no matter what you think about the kind of cosmic question of how life begins, most Americans can get on board with the idea of, alright, I might draw the line here, you might draw the line there, but the most important thing is the person who should be drawing the line is the woman making the decision,” Buttigieg continued.

Of course this isn't the first time that Mayor Pete has attacked Republicans for abortion. He ripped into pro-life Republicans during an August 21 town hall when he asked them what Republicans do for "unplanned parenthood."

“They are so busy attacking Planned Parenthood,” the mayor said. “I’d like to know what they think of unplanned parenthood.”

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The Democratic primaries seem to be a competition of who can push further and further left. Mayor Pete claims to be a Christian but pushes abortion down our throat every chance he gets.

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