PETA continues to raise the bar of stupidity higher and higher. You won't believe PETA's most absurd demand yet. Once again they are the butt of many jokes.

PETA asked main officials where lobsters tragically died in a truck accident last week. It was estimated that 4,500 lobsters died in the crash. PETA is looking to honor the "countless sensitive crustaceans" that were lost.

Per TMN:

The lobster lovers want to erect a 5-foot headstone reminding people of the tragedy. The thought is that it would challenge them to stop eating lobsters and other animals. Maine is an odd place to try to guilt people into giving up seafood and lobsters in particular. In addition to being delicious, lobsters are important to commerce in the state.

The proposed memorial is nothing more than a permanent PETA advertisement.

It should come as no surprise that locals found this request completely insane. There are not even memorials like this along highways for people, but PETA wants one for some lobsters.

Earlier this month Maryland tried to get Maryland citizens to stop eating crab. It was famously said on the movie Wedding Crashes, "Crabs and football that's what Maryland does!"

This obviously ended in failure.

Though PETA has preached to stop others from killing animals, they have killed about 40,000 animals at their shelter. Jimmy's Famous Seafood took to Twitter to put them on blast for this.

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