How did they not see this coming? The PETA 'Shoot Selfies, Not Animals' ad campaign has backfired on them in hilarious fashion.

The animal activists launched this campaign and even created a Facebook photo frame to go with it. Currently it is the number one filter on Facebook. It went viral just how Peta hoped. The only issue is the way it went viral. Hunters trolled PETA with some hilarious photos using the frame.

It's not surprise that PETA was very upset at the result of this. Here is their blog post expressing their level of butt-hurt.

It’s not every day that thousands of hunters throw their support behind PETA, but that’s exactly what happened when we launched our “Shoot Selfies, Not Animals” Facebook frame earlier this week.

In an attempt at humor, thousands of hunters began using PETA’s frame on photos of themselves with the corpses of animals they’d killed.

The number of young children posing in the trolls’ photos is cause for concern: Nearly every serial killer and school shooter killed animals before moving on to humans.

So according to PETA shooting animals is the gateway drug to shooting humans.

PETA crying aside, these bad*ss women made for some hilarious, photos. They're not too hard on the eyes either.

This is a win all-around. Well, for everyone except PETA. We all get to have a good laugh at their expense and check out some hot female hunters. Can't wait to see PETA's next campaign. We can only hope it fails in spectacular fashion again.

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