Despite the $15 minimum wage being a proven failure the left still pushes for it. Now, Nancy Pelosi vows $15 minimum wage will be passed if Democrats retake the house. She even took it a step further. She said the $15 minimum wage will pass within 100 hours of when the Democrats retake the House of Representatives.

“I’ll tell you one thing for sure: we win the election and in the first 100 hours we will pass a $15 minimum wage.”

It doesn't matter to people like Nancy Pelosi that a $15 an hour minimum wage will cripple so many small businesses. All the matters to her is that she is able to continue to give handouts to the left. Look for a decrease in dining options, because how can restaurants afford to pay cook $15 an hour? Normally the answer is they simply cannot and will need to close up shop.

Then there will be more automation which will result in less jobs. For instance, the kiosks that have been installed at McDonald's. Instead of paying $15 an hour and collapsing, businesses will find a way to get around it and survive.

What do you think about Nancy Pelosi's insistence for $15 an hour? This article may as well be called "Nancy Pelosi vows to destroy the United States economy." Like and share this story on Facebook if you think it is absurd.

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