No one is safe from leftists anymore. Not even kids. Luckily this pediatrician destroys leftists who are forcing transgenderism on kids.

So how did this get started? This involves "puberty blockers." If you're not sure what the heck a puberty blocker is, that's perfectly fine. Just like transgenderism in general, puberty blockers are terrible for the body. That's what drove this pediatrician to speak up.

Watch the video.

Per Louder With Crowder:

Here we have two arguments clashing. One is generally held by actual pediatricians. The other hails from much less accredited peoples. Like the vegan goth who mans the local juice bar. Methinks the doctor may know a tad more in this arena.The current progressive parenting climate is riddled with child abuse when it comes to transgenderism (see Child Abuse? Parents Encourage 7-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ Boy to Live as a ‘Her’). Manipulation, maiming of the body, encouraging delusions. The worst part? Timmy can line his gullet with as many puberty blockers as he wants. It still won’t make him Tina. Just a sadder, castrated version of Timmy.

These fools are even targeting children to push their narrative.

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